Is PBN alive in 2022?

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Creating a PBNs (private blog networks) to support website promotion has long been a mandatory attribute for many highly competitive niches. Especially when it comes to those in which “white hat” methods are not enough to attract the necessary traffic.

When it comes to PBN meshes, many people ask themselves: do I need to build my mesh now? Or is it better to buy links from ready-made PBNs through exchanges or freelancing.

For a comprehensive assessment of the feasibility of both options, we need to start counting our costs for creating 1 PBN blog and predict all the resulting costs that will come out in the future.

Creating your own PBN

So the costs at the start:

  • Find a droped domain or new domains registered. In the case of Novoreg, the situation is a little simpler – they just took and chose the desired free name. In the case of searching for a drop, we will need to use some kind of service, such as or or many another.
  • Find cheap hosting, preferably with a dedicated IP address
  • Restore content from a web archive or write a new one. copywriting costs
  • Ping the domain with new links
  • Make a plan for publishing content for the necessary articles, on which in the future we will begin to place links to our project with the anchors we need.
  • Our time costs for each of the previous points.



  • Full control over the theme of the project and its future life. We are sure that the site will be clean and without unnecessary spam. At any time, we can safely remove or place a new link.


  • Our time and money
  • In the case of a drop, we can not guess with the quality of the domain, and get a dead site. Without due examination – the probability of this will be extremely high

Buying links from ready-made PBNs

At the start

  • Find an exchange or a freelancer with PBN related to our site
  • Pay for placement and get links.



  • We can quickly find any number of links. We can scale the network


  • We are losing control over the life of the domain, since the owner of the exchange will post more than just our links on the blog in the future. In the future, the blog may turn into a regular “link farm”.
  • We lose control over posted content. We may not always be able to remove a link upon request.

The PBN idea itself has been working very well for many years. During the search engine updates, the methods of maintaining quality on PBN blogs have become more complicated. But you need to understand the amount of headaches that the owner of the network will have to face in the future and choose the right usage model – either create it yourself or buy ready-made links.



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