Niches that matches domains
Not surprisingly, many categories are a direct consequence of division of the network, for example:
health, business, life, technologies.  Our team has many sites across all of them in our PBN. They simply cannot be lost when your subscription is activated, they also take up space on the main page.  But all notifications disappear from the main page when you unsubscribe (activity doesn’t disappear anywhere)

The number of all incoming links significantly exceeds the number of outgoing links.  Don’t forget that our team builds all links through subscriptions, this helps to enhance the long-term placement effect.  It’s safe to say that all the PBN domains are made up of good trust flow (TF) and domain authority (DA). Often, each domain include RD30 +, DA10, TF10.

Our company is based mainly on careful hosting settings including “premium” themes, that is, those that consist of zero volume, personal content, proper optimization.  Our team undertakes and goes through a very thorough customization process, it is completely handcrafted, it’s a reason they are the best you have ever seen on the net.
This is one IP address and server for all domains.  We can give one hundred percent guarantee you will not definitely think about “unpleasant neighbors” who are located on the same IP-addresses, which easily open the public access to the network. No traces in the process of setting up our hosting.
Every hosting company we do business with is very popular and with positive reviews, the most successful include Atlantic, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, RackSpace and Amazon.  Yes, they differ in price (a little more expensive than others), but everything is justified by speed and quality.  Our team uses each server for our PBNs. This ensures, for each client, a natural variety of IP addresses throughout the network.
Just default name servers provided by cloud hosts.  Every site fit in a perfectly with a wide audience.

Everyone who orders PBN links wants the link to be written correctly.  Every backlink ensures that all customers can receive handwritten content from native speakers.  We’re going to include: images, gifts, inserts, and videos wherever possible. Our team is confident that client will be satisfied with the content and links, nor our team reverse previous content on our PBNs, because of a lot of money and time was spent in the launch network process.  Everyone can rest assured that he/she will be provided with relevant and quality content with a link to your site if you receive links from us.

Our team is a leading provider and can offer second-tier links at competitive prices.  You can include some of our most popular links on your PBN posts.  And with this they will grow even more.  All of them can be rented, if the client cancel the subscription soon it will be removed.  Around 90% of our clients continue to subscribe our service, every link works great.

Our team want to provide each client with complete reports to ensure maximum network security, but we have to be careful with the reports because they will be limited to a sample of 10%.  However, our team is ready to provide the client with a sample that includes 10 links to provide additional links to help point out the messages included in the report.
Our team spends a huge amount of time supporting our PBN.  Every day we launch an update for all plugins and themes.  Moreover, our team gives clients a guarantee that domains will not disappear and will not become into dust.